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About Certainly

Certainly is a lead in​ Conversational AI, that enables eCommerce brands to increase sales and improve customer experience.​

Certainly is for:
DTC Ecommerce merchants
Mid-size to enterprise

Certainly helps with:
1 - Data collection: Understand why an end-user is visiting your webshop and what’s important in that moment. Use this to either drive sales through the conversation via the bot or use the zero-party data for better retargeting later.

2 - Product evaluation - Support the active buying intent by helping end-users find the right product, in the right context (sizing, gifting, upsell/cross sell, etc.)

3 - Checkout and payment - Pre-empt cart abandonment with supportive conversations, ask to join loyalty programs, etc.​

4 - Support tickets deflection - Reduce incoming email and phone requests by providing fast answers to frequently asked questions.​

Average Results with Certainly:
18% Conversion rate increase
40% Average order value increase
31% Customers reaching checkout increase
50% Lower bounce rate
35% Support tickets deflection
Increase CSAT & NPS

Average size of their clients:
Enterprise, Mid-market
Ecosystems they work in:
Mailchimp, Freshdesk, Salesforce, Shopify, Magento, Klaviyo, Zendesk
The technology they use:
eCommerce and consumer brands
Here are their services:
Website Design and Development