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About QATestLab

By providing a wide range of QA and testing services, we ensure your product meets the market requirements, satisfies international quality standards, and attracts new users. Our services include, but are not limited to:

- Manual Testing
Checking software or programs for errors, defects, and vulnerabilities by hand from the user's perspective.

- Test Automation
Services to optimize the testing process without delaying the release, spending budget on building a team, and false failures due to human factors.

- Managed Testing
End-to-end customized service that enables businesses to delegate the responsibility of managing the testing process to the QA Project Manager.

- Test Documentation
Fully support the project with all necessary QA documentation defining and specifying the required testing activities.

- Consulting
Analyzing testing and development processes, evaluating team readiness for testing, and detecting product drawbacks.

- Quality Assurance
By constantly monitoring and periodically checking different aspects of the software solution, we detect and prevent quality assurance issues where the solution fails to comply with requirements and standards.

- Independent Testing
To provide effective bug detection and ensure objective quality assessment, we perform independent testing. We evaluate software quality based on actual test results, having no assumptions about system operation.

Average size of their clients:
Startups/SMBs, Mid-market, Enterprise
Ecosystems they work in:
AWS, Amazon, Asana, Azure, Facebook / Meta, ChatGPT / OpenAI, HubSpot, Jira, LinkedIn, Magento, Microsoft, Pipedrive, Teamwork, Wordpress, Xero, Zapier, Zendesk
The technology they use:
B2B and IT
Here are their services:
Compliance or Security