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The easiest way to create a steady stream of authentic video testimonials

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About MahaloHub

MahaloHub takes the high cost, significant time requirement, and headache out of creating and managing testimonial videos. MahaloHub makes it easy to quickly gather a steady stream of authentic employee and customer video testimonials and share them across the digital landscape, including websites, social media, microsites, and sales and marketing resources. The company can create personalized invitations for customers/employees to record answers to customized questions; add a logo, text, or a call-to-action; provide a gift card as a reward to say ‘thanks;’ and create different campaigns to gather unique video content from different segments. Cost effective, streamlined and intuitive – MahaloHub is a modern content creation engine to feed the increasing demand for authentic video content.

Average size of their clients:
Startups/SMBs, Mid-market, Enterprise
Ecosystems they work in:
Amazon, Facebook / Meta, LinkedIn, TikTok
The technology they use:
eCommerce and consumer brands, B2B and IT, We sell direct to agencies only
Here are their services:
Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Lead Generation, Research , Videography