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About Dafter Inc.

At Dafter, our philosophy is centered on the belief that small businesses are the backbone of the global economy and deserve the same level of support and resources as larger enterprises. We believe that technology plays a critical role in helping small businesses streamline their operations, generate leads, and drive growth and that it is important to raise awareness about the importance of digital literacy and the power of the digital world.

We are committed to providing small businesses with the tools and resources they need to succeed and to acting as a partner and advisors as they work to achieve their business goals. We believe that by harnessing the power of technology, we can create positive change and contribute to a better, more free, and inclusive society for today and tomorrow.

Average size of their clients:
Startups/SMBs, Mid-market
Ecosystems they work in:
AWS, ActiveCampaign, Asana, Azure, ClickUp, Facebook / Meta, Freshdesk, ChatGPT / OpenAI, Google, HubSpot, Integromat / Make, Jira, Klaviyo, LinkedIn, Magento, Salesforce, SEMrush, Wordpress, Zapier
The technology they use:
eCommerce and consumer brands, B2B and IT, Local retailers or professional services
Here are their services:
API Integration Support, CRM Setup & Integration, CRO, Data Analytics, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Operations, SMS Marketing, Social Media Management or SMM, Software Development, UX Design, Website Design and Development, Workflow Automations